Car Insurance With Benefits

Car insurance policies offer many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. Damage or loss to insured vehicle: In case your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, fire, or self-ignition, you are protected.

2. Personal accident cover: Another advantage of car insurance is that it offers personal accident cover for a pre-determined amount.

3. Large network of garages: Most car insurance policies have a large network of garages that offer cashless repair services.

4. Third-party liabilities: Car insurance policies also cover third-party liabilities in case of an accident.

5. No claim bonus: If you do not make any claims during the policy period, you are eligible for a no-claim bonus.

Limitations Of Car Insurance:
Car insurance policies have some limitations. Some of the limitations include:

1. Coverage failures: The primary and major disadvantage of car insurance is that your policy does not cover the entire vehicle. Only the specific parts of the car are under damage coverage.

2. Exceeding your policy limits: In most cases, your insurance isn’t going to cover injuries or property damage you cause that exceed your policy limits.

3. Policy limits: Car insurance policy limits are maximum amounts of money that your car insurance will pay out if you make a claim. The limits vary depending on the type of coverage and the state where you live.

4. Hidden clauses: The policyholder needs to verify hidden clauses in the document keenly before buying the policy.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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